You’re Not Alone

” Stepping Stone Support was the ONLY organization that reached out to our family after being diagnosed with Cancer. I think there’s a huge misconception that if/when you get diagnosed with Cancer that all these women in pink hats are going to show up at your front door to help you fight ! But they don’t. Cancers like mine, ” below the waist ” cancers just are not spoke of and don’t get the attention or funding like the others do. So we all need to help change that. ALL cancers are dangerous and can be life threatening. And all people with it and their families need help!   The wonderful women fighters of Stepping Stone Support were the first smiling faces I had seen at my door in 15 months after diagnosis. They came bearing gifts for my two children that would have otherwised had a glim Christmas due to the extra expenses of treatment costs we had endured throughout the year. These women gave me hope that everything was going to be okay and that there were people out there that cared. I wasn’t left behind like I had thought after all. The laughter and joy she brought to my babies faces Christmas morning was PRICELESS for my husband and I and we feel forever grateful to her and this wonderful organization of incredible people. People that are going to change how cancers below the waist are treated and help those affected.   People like Renee Scott that truly care about not only your well being  but your kids as much as you, don’t come around often. Thank you Stepping Stone Support.

– Heather Caruso, 2013 Survivor’s Little Helper Recipient



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