Bringing joy to cancer patients and their families during the holidays!

Nominate a Family

To Nominate a Family please review and adhere to the Application Guidelines detailed below. Select a method of application under “How to Nominate”. To be considered for this program submissions must be received by September 1st annually.

Application Guidelines

  • Recipients must be US citizens residing in Nassau County or Suffolk County, New York, and exhibit significant obstacles and hardship due to cancer diagnosis.
  • Recipients must have a child/children living in the same household (must be the legal guardian).
  • Recipients must be in treatment or have received treatment during the grant year.
  • Application online or via mail must be received by September 1st annually.
  • The treating doctor, hospital, or cancer center must provide a letter.

How to Nominate

  • Online, email or mail applications include:
    If you choose to mail your application, please click the ‘Print’ button, complete all sections, and send it to us before September 1 (annually).
  • If Selected please print Page 2 WISH LIST and submit (email or mail) no later than September 20th.